The Skills  College for Development and Training  is  part of the Enigma Skills Group and is  situated in Silvertondale, Pretoria and is easily accessible via Taxi or Train.

We are Accredited with the Manufacturing, Engineering and Related Services Seta (MerSETA) for our Welding Application Practices(NQF L2 NLRD 58534 & NQF L3 NLRD 58535 ), as well as  Tyre Repair and Maintenance (NQF L2, NLRD 61809).

We also offer other non-accredited related short courses such as:

  • ARC, CO2 , TIG Welding, Trade Test Preparation
  • Boiler Making, Trade Test Preparation
  • Pipe Fitting
  • Basic House Wiring
  • Domestic Air Conditioning & Refrigeration
  • Electrical Trade Test Preparation.

The duration of these courses vary from between 10 to 15 days.

Because we understand that becoming a qualified artisan is a journey that takes time, passion and commitment our courses are designed for students ready to start on their journey but have no theoretical or practical background. 

Please go to our COURSES tab to view the wide range of courses we are able to train on.



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