The Skills College is situated in Silverton Pretoria and has its focus in the technical training arena with specialisation in welding, boiler making, electrical and refrigeration. The main accreditation lies with MERSETA.  Recently our scope broadened to include the training of operators on the Yellow Brigade, this journey took us closer to the mining and construction industry, and in order for us to service this industry we put together a well experienced and knowledgeable team who specialise in all yellow brigade machines.

At The Skills College we understand that becoming a qualified Artisan is a journey that takes time and a whole lot of passion, and therefore our courses cater for each individual student on their path to becoming a qualified artisan. 

We start by offering basic accredited short courses that runs from 10 to 15 days for those students that are ready to start on their journey but have no practical or theoretical background. We also run formal learnerships and apprentice training coupled with the NATED courses N1 – N6.
We support learners from inception right up until the learner is finally ready to do his/her trade test.
We also service a wide range of industries with compliance (OHS) related training.



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